Master Mental Math with Chisanbop Fingermath
A Unique Abacus-Like Method
for Fast Calculations

Chisanbop, also known as Fingermath, is a finger counting method that resembles an abacus and is utilized for basic mathematical operations. It was developed in Korea during the 1940s by Sung Jin Pai and later refined by his son, Hang Young Pai, who introduced it to the United States in 1977, as documented in The complete book of Chisanbop: Original finger calculation method by Hang Young Pai.

Using the Chisanbop technique, it is possible to represent numbers ranging from 0 to 99 using both hands and perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations. This method has been considered particularly beneficial for individuals with visual impairments, as it is often easier to use compared to a physical abacus.

Fingermath is particularly beneficial for children as it aids in their learning process in the following ways:
  • Balanced Development of Both Brain Hemispheres: Unlike traditional methods, Fingermath necessitates the flexible use of both hands. This coordination between the body and mind promotes the harmonious development of both hemispheres of the brain, contributing to outstanding cognitive growth.
  • Enhanced Concentration: Engaging in fingermath requires children to focus intently on the application of specific rules to achieve accurate results. Dealing with more complex numbers further strengthens their concentration skills.
  • Accelerated Mathematical Thinking: Fingermath cultivates quick mental math abilities in children, surpassing their peers in terms of speed. This proficiency not only boosts their confidence but also nurtures a genuine passion for mathematics.
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